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  1. Yes, it haz been a whilez.
  2. Long time no talk, my reptilian lover. U_U
  3. Sup Pimp Daddy Reptile.
    -Smacks you with Turtle Shell-
  4. I'll download it if you want me to.

    And alright. Good luck
  5. Due to real life (Work | Studies), I won't be able to role-play on here until at least October.
    Kind of a bummer, but giving you a notice in advance, and don't boot me out of your crew. :T_T:
    By the way, do you have Whatsapp? xD
  6. Nah, I got a PS3.
    I'm trying to get better at it though! I can get up to 11 kills now. :hahaha

    They're both hot.
  7. I suck at Call of Duty now too, do you have Xbox? xD
    Then we can suck together at COD. U_U
    Well It was Kagura Mikazuchi, but I am still debating between her and Erza Scarlet.
    Which one is better? Also both are from FairyTail.
  8. I suck at COD. >:

    sick. Who's it gonna be?
  9. Alright, was playing Call of Duty, and kind of forgot. xD
    It's always a girl, they are soo much funner to play as. U_U
  10. please make it a girl. :o
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